Insights | Multi Frequency TPMS Smart Sensor One (17-43041 & 17-43042)

Insights | Multi Frequency TPMS Smart Sensor One (17-43041 & 17-43042)

Did you know?

We're switching over! Some of our best selling products have been updated by their manufacturer. 

Smart Sensor by Xtra Seal has created multi-frequency sensors that will replace the 4 "single frequency" Smart Sensors. 

17-43041 (Snap In) : replaces 17-43011 & 17-43012

17-43042 (Clamp In) : replaces 17-43013 & 17-43014

Tip: These new multi-frequency sensors require your Smart Pro+ Programming tool to be updated to the latest version. You can do so here.

Are you looking for just a Smart Sensor Pro+ Programming Tool? We have them available here.

We also offer an excellent TPMS bundle deal! You get:

  • 8 TPMS sensors of your choice (choose any assortment of 17-43041 or 17-43042)
  • Smart Senor Pro+ Programming Tool
  • FREE updates

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As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 




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