Insights | The Bead Bazooka Got Its Trigger Back!

Insights | The Bead Bazooka Got Its Trigger Back!

Gaither heard you were looking for the trigger style Bead Bazooka... so it's back!

Product Highlights: 

The Gaither Bead Bazooka is lighter, faster, and more powerful than any other bead seater on the market. Best of all, the trigger style is back! 

It is available in 6 liter, 9 liter, and 12 liter models to ensure it's a good fit for your job!

The BB6L is intended for use on ATV, passenger, and light truck tires. 

Purchase the BB6L here

The BB9L is intended for use on passenger and commercial vehicle tires.

Purchase the BB9L here

The BB12L is intended for use on commercial vehicle and light agricultural tires.

Purchase the BB12L here

As always, let us know if you have any questions. We're here to serve you!