Insights | What Chemicals Are Essential To Perform A Proper Wheel Balancing?

Insights | What Chemicals Are Essential To Perform A Proper Wheel Balancing?

An often overlooked step in ensuring a proper wheel balance is the cleaning of the tire rim. Making sure the surface of the rim is thoroughly cleansed of road grime, oil, and dirt is essential when using tape on / stick on weights during the wheel balancing process. The last thing any tire shop wants is for customers to come back because their tires weren't balanced properly. This happens more than you think - because the tape on weights have fallen off.  

We have a few options when it comes to wheel cleaning products. The most economical choice we offer is a 32oz. Wheel Cleaner Spray Bottle. It’s water soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable. The perfect surface prep prior to installing tape wheel weights. And, it’s made in the USA! It's available here

We also have StickPro brand wheel cleaner in spray and wipe version. StickPro wheel weight pre-cleaning spray and wipes easily clean the rims and remove brake dust & grease without the need for any use of water. Both are suitable for alloy, steel, aluminum, chrome or varnished wheels and even works on plastic wheel covers, when used as directed.

As you can see, the products we offer make it quick and easy to clean the surface of the rim and ensure the tape weights you install do not fall off. That being said, please make sure to also use quality tape weights; you can clean the surface of the rim until it shines, but if the tape is cheap, the wheel weights will fall off no matter what. Luckily, Tire Supply Network offers quality tape weights by Plombco, Perfect, Bada, and Hoffmann here.