Van Alstine Tire Groover (Model G1000)

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Van Alstine G1000 Tire Groover 120V

Perfect for Truck Tires, Race Tires, Industrial Tires, and many rubber products.

Patented Design:

  • Fast,Smooth,Easy - Glides over the tire surface
  • Cuts with less heat- Preventing heat degradation to the tire surface
  • Able to cut large grooves - cuts grooves from 1/32" to 1" wide
  • Eight Power Setting - Power to match the job
  • Unparalleled control

Made in the USA!

  • Built To Last
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Instant On - Plug it in and cut
  • Available in120V(domestic use) and 230/240V(international use)

Use Only Van Alstine Blades:

  • The synergistic effect between Van Alstine tools and blades results in unequaled performance
  • Blade sizes correspond to thirty-seconds of an inch . A #6GF cuts 6/32" wide and has a flat bottom. A #6GR cuts 6/32" wide and has a round bottom. The G1000HL can also use "V" Series blades.

Proper Regrooving:

This is the key to the most cost effective use of your tires. It will provide you thousands upon thousands of extra miles and at the same time substantially reduce your fuel cost. Do not waste the most productive rubber your truck tires have to offer. Only tires marked "regroovable" are legal to regroove for over the road use.

Compliance and Restrictions
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -