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Hamaton HTS-A78ED U-Pro Hybrid NFC TPMS Sensor with Rubber Snap-In & Metal Clamp-In Valve Stems

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Hamaton HTS-A78ED U-Pro Hybrid NFC Universal TPMS Sensor with Rubber Snap-In & Metal Clamp-In Valve Stems

The only single SKU solution. A dual frequency, configurable and programmable TPMS sensor with dual valves. The sensor can be configured and programmed with a number of TPMS diagnostic tools or, alternatively, with Hamaton's user-friendly, FREE phone application.

Behold the next generation of U-Pro. The new Hybrid NFC is a configurable and programmable universal sensor that includes the same features as the Hybrid 2.5, notably dual frequencies (315 MHz and 433 MHz), high vehicle coverage and a 3-year manufacturer warranty.**

However, as its name suggests, the Hybrid NFC offers Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. It is the first of its kind in the North American automotive aftermarket that can be configured and programmed with only a smartphone and app.*** Thanks to the app, it is easier than ever to begin capitalizing on TPMS business opportunities.

The FREE app is the fastest way to configure large volumes consecutively — just one second per sensor. Furthermore, the short-range transmission of NFC prevents other sensors in the vicinity from being disturbed. Therefore, this technology is ideal for companies looking to increase productivity without compromising on accuracy.

**You must service or replace the valve every time the tire bead is broken to uphold the sensor warranty.

***Available for NFC-enabled Android phones and the iPhone 7 or newer with a minimum of iOS 15.


  • Configure large volumes consecutively in just one second per sensor using the FREE smartphone app
  • Sensor can be configured and programmed with a number of TPMS diagnostic tools or with the FREE smartphone app
  • 315 MHz & 433 MHz frequencies in one sensor
  • Each box includes dual valve stems - one snap-in rubber and one metal clamp-in
  • 97% of direct TPMS-enabled vehicle coverage with 100% potential due to continual programmable updates
  • Dual valve capability - allowing independent replacement of the valve stem, and the ability to exchange between an Alloy Clamp-In, Black Clamp-In, Graphite Clamp-In or Snap-In valve
  • Lightweight, durable housing
  • Designed for optimum compatibility with OE and aftermarket wheels - no adjustment necessary

Tech Support:

  • Phone: (888) 588-7039
  • Email:


  • Frequency: 315 MHz & 433 MHz
  • Nut Torque: 44.25 in-lbs
  • Screw Torque: 12.39 in-lbs
      Compliance and Restrictions
      WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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