Equal Flexx EQFXC Tire Balancing 8 oz. Drop-In Bags - Single Bags or Case of 10

Size: 8 oz (Single Bag)

Equal Flexx EQFXC Tire Balancing 8 oz. Drop-In Bags - Single Bags or Case of 10

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With Equal Flexx, balancing a tire takes seconds and performs perfectly during the entire life of the tire. Installing Equal Flexx takes seconds: when mounting a new tire, simply drop in a bag of Equal Flexx. The bag breaks open during the first few miles of driving, dispersing Equal Flexx through the entire tire. In both cases, Equal Flexx goes to work immediately, requires zero upkeep, and lasts the life of the tire.

Equal Flexx is easier and quicker to work with. The application chart is simpler, making it an easy reference. Like Equal, there is no fall hazard from the round beads hitting the shop floor, and it provides a much faster alternative to spin balancing; just drop it in.

Equal and Equal Flexx are fully compatible, including application quantity, and can be used in different wheel positions on the same truck. If installing through the valve stem, costumers should use Equal and the applicator.


  • Will never damage the tire casting, wheel, or TPMS units, and does not void tire manufacturer warranties
  • No filtered valve core required means simpler installation
  • Drop in Bag application with simplified quantity chart
  • Larger particle size makes it easier to remove
  • No slip hazard on the shop floor
  • More fuel savings, more even tire wear, and the smoothest ride
  • 2x more vibration absorption power
  • 15% better performance
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