Plombco Precut Steel Tape Weight (1/2 oz.) - Box

SKU 408FE-28

Plombco Steel Adhesive Weight .50 oz Tape Weight

For Everyday Application

  • Low profile 1/2 oz segments
  • Width 3/4"
  • Lenght 6"
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Tapered segment design for a better contour
  • Sold as 28 strips ($1.18 per strip)
  • 8 Segments per Strip


Clean: Clean the area where the wheel weight is to be applied using buffing solution. To do so, spray the area thoroughly and then wipe with a clean soft cloth. Contour: If the wheel weight is not pre-contoured follow the instructions below otherwise skip to step 3. Before removing the liner, apply the weight against the wheel and using your fingers gently contour the shape to the radius of the wheel. Remove the liner: Remove the liner and avoid touching the exposed adhesive. Apply: Using your fingers, apply a uniform pressure throughout the surface (do not use a hammer).

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -