Hofmann Geodyna 9000P Diagnostic Wheel Balancer with Touchscreen & 3D Camera Technology

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Hofmann Geodyna 9000P Diagnostic Wheel Balancer with Touchscreen & 3D Camera Technology

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When the core of your tire service business comes from to the newest makes and models, you need a wheel balancer that can help your team achieve repeatable precision with maximum reliability at minimum effort. Hofmann Geodyna Premium

Service Wheel Balancers feature automatic data entry and balancing mode selection via scanner and smartSonar, with touchscreen user interfaces for faster, more intuitive setup and the ultimate in accuracy and performance.

A video wheel balancer for cars and light trucks, the Geodyna 9000p features fully automatic non-contact acquisition of all data via 3D imaging technology and five high-resolution cameras, the Power Clamp clamping system, pinpoint easyWEIGHT laser, plus a touch screen interface for unequaled usability, performance and precision.

Diagnostic Features:

  • Sidewall and Tread Analysis
  • Alignment Pre-Checking
  • Tread Depth Analysis
  • Tire Wear-Out Prediction
  • Tire Pull Index
  • Run-Out Force Vectoring

Automatic Acquisition: Non-contact 3D imaging technology is virtually error-proof: just clamp the wheel, close the guard and let the Geodyna 9000p do the rest. Automatic and non-contact detection of wheel dimensions, balancing mode, number and position of spokes, amount and position of weights, lateral and radial run-out of tire and rim, match mounting and geometric issues.

Run-Out Measurement: Non-contact 3D imaging technology scans the rim and tire profile to measure radial tire run-out, bead seat run-out on the bare rim and radial and lateral rim run-out on both sides.

3D Imaging: Five high-resolution laser cameras scan the complete rim and tire profile to provide visual evidence of results, increase customer awareness and improve customer satisfaction.

Run-Out Force Vectoring (RFV): Determines the virtual loaded run-out contact patch of the wheel assembly and calculates the spring rate by measuring tread width, sidewall height, surface singularities and estimated tire pressure.

Sidewall & Tread Analysis: The wheel is scanned to within 0.1 mm accuracy to examine all externally visible scratches, cuts, bulges, blisters, flat spots and uneven wear-out that could potentially lead to safety issues.

Tire Wear-Out Prediction: Predicts the tire wear-out point to help prepare the customer for when a replacement will be needed.

Advanced Spoke Detection: Detects spokes to provide optimum placement of weights, allowing for accurate balancing of alloy spoke rims while preserving their visual appearance.

Wheel Data Freeze: Allows the operator to save the data detected on the first rim of a set of identical wheels, reducing data acquisition time for subsequent identical wheels.

Smart Profile: Automatically detects optimum balancing program by determining the amount, position, and type of the balance weights on the basis of rim dimensions saved in memory and imbalance data determined during measurement.

Patented Automatic Power Clamp: Ensures consistent and constant wheel-clamping force, ensuring accurate balance on all wheels.

EZ-Collets Mobile App: Helps service technicians identify the best tools for their wheel balancing jobs. Using the EZ-Collets mobile app, service professionals can select a vehicle to find and compare options for the best collet, flange, or quick plate for the wheel. The app also provides information about the tire and rim for the vehicle.

The EZ-Collets app is free to download through the Apple and Google stores and requires user email activation.

Accessories Included:

  • Spacer Ring
  • Universal Drum
  • Universal Drum Cushion
  • 4 Cone Set: 1.6"–3.0", 2.8"–3.9", 3.8"–4.0", 3.4"–5.4"
  • Rim Width Calipers
  • User Calibration Weight
  • Weight Pliers
  • Kit of 4 Pegs to be Mounted to the Left Side
    TECHNICAL DATA Geodyna 9000P
    Hofmann Part Number EEWB771AP230
    Vehicles Supported Cars, Light Trucks, SUVs, Off-Road Vehicles
    Display Technology 21.5″ - 16:9 Touchscreen
    Measuring Speed Less then 200 rpm
    Balancing Accuracy 0.035 oz / 1g
    Scanner Accuracy 1st Harmonic Run-Out 0.039″ / 0.1 mm
    Scanner Accuracy Profiling 0.195″ / 0.5 mm
    Angular Resolution 0.7°
    Full Cycle Time (Wheel 225/40R18) 24 seconds
    Check Spin 8 seconds
    With Spoke Recognition 23 seconds
    With Run-Out Measurements 31 seconds
    Full Diagnostics 66 seconds
    Manual Data Entry
    Rim Diameter 8″ - 30″ (203 - 762 mm)
    Automatic Data Entry
    Rim Diameter 15″ - 30″ (381 - 762 mm)
    Rim Width (Dynamic Balancing) 3″ - 20″ (76.2 - 508 mm)
    Data Entry - Offset Automatic, Non-Contact
    Data Entry - Rim Diameter Automatic, Non-Contact
    Data Entry - Rim Width Automatic, Non-Contact
    Maximum Wheel Dimensions
    Maximum Wheel Diameter 42″ (1067 mm)
    Maximum Wheel Width 3″ - 20″ (76.2 - 508 mm)
    Maximum Wheel Weight 154 lbs (70 kg)
    Additional Specifications
    Diameter of Shaft 40 mm
    Length of Shaft 8.86″ (225 mm)
    Balancer Flange Offset 10.55″ (268 mm)
    Wheel Braking After Measurements Automatic
    Power Requirements 230 V, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 4 Amp
    Dimensions (Wheel Guard Open) 76.4″ L x 40.2″ W x 61.8″ H
    Shipping Dimensions 70.1″ L x 47.2″ W x 72.8″ H
    Net Weight 341 lbs (155 kg)
    Software Features
    Balancing Program Selection Automatic, Non-Contact Profiling of the Rim
    Spoke Position Detection  Automatic, Non-Contact
    Wheel Clamping Automatic, Power-Clamp
    Cycle Automatic, Start with Button or Wheel Guard
    Main Shaft Lock Electromechanical (Pedal)
    Balancing Position Search Automatic
    Clip-Weight Position 12h
    Adhesive Weight Position 5h
    ALU Modes Automatic
    Split Weight Mode Automatic, Non-Contact Spoke Detection
    Radial / Lateral Run-Out Detection Automatic, Optima Mode
    Run-Out Matching Program Yes
    Rim Diagnostic & Balancing Yes, Bead Seat Run-Out
    Imbalance Optimization Program Yes
    Sidewall & Tread Diagnostic Automatic, Optima Full Only
    Tire Pull Measurement Automatic, Non-Contact
    Tread Depth Measurement Automatic, Non-Contact
    OptiLine Standard
    Run-Out Force Vectoring (RFV) Standard
    Self-Calibration Yes
    Online Help Yes
    Printout (8.5″ x 11″ A4 Printer Included) Professional Reports & Screenshots
      Compliance and Restrictions
      WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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