Elrick 1/4″ & 1/2″ Tire Brander 16E 110 Volt

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Elrick 1/4" & 1/2" Tire Brander 16E 110 Volt

The "Elrick #16E Brander" has been designed to give many operating advantages and longer working life. The special heating system allows the tool to heat very quickly and maintain a higher operating temperature, but still ensure a longer working life of the brander. The balance and minimal weight of this brander make it easier to handle and control. This is especially important during long hours of use.


  • Holds 1/2" and 1/4" numbers, letters, and spaces
  • Hold approximately (10) 1/2" letters, numbers, and spaces
  • Replaces 16 D
  • Operate with one or two hands
  • Fast heating
  • Operating Temperature: 700-800 degrees F
  • 290 Watts
  • Do not include any letters, numbers, or spaces

Operating Instructions

The branding head is constructed with a "T" slot in which the desired branding characters, numbers, or letters, can be slid and locked into place by the stop spacer or the slot screw. To separate words or space letters, spacer blanks are available. Characters are easy to change and this can be done while the tool is hot by using pliers to insert or remove characters.

Before attempting to brand, allow a few minutes for the tool to reach its operating temperature. Once full heat is reached, branding is done by simply holding the branding characters square on the work surface while applying some pressure or by rolling the branding characters over the work surface. You will find that the design of the branding head gives you a clear view of the work surface and the branding characters.

Important Note

The Elrick Brander is constructed to hold up under everyday use, and will give the user long efficient service. Branders operate at high temperatures and should be used very carefully. Severe burns or fire may result if the tool is used improperly. Keep Branders away from combustible materials. Do not place heated branders in areas where others may accidentally come in contact with them. Always use the correct voltage the tool was designed for. Plugging a 120 volt tool into a 240 volt circuit is extremely dangerous and will cause the brander to fail. Avoid leaving the tool plugged in for long periods of time without use because it is possible to build up and excess of heat. When in use, never rest the 16E brander in a position with the branding head down. Always use the attached stand to rest the brander on a non-combustible surface. Do not strike brander against hard surfaces to shake off dirt and sand. Clean branding head with a brass brush.

Important Warranty Note

The electrical cord used in the 16E Brander is made of a special flexible, heavy-duty industrial grade cable designed to give you many years of service. However, excessive flexing or twisting may damage the cable. When branding, never place your hand or body against the cord and strain relief. Check regularly to make sure the cord is not twisted due to tool rotation and correct if necessary. DAMAGED CORDS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY!


Compliance and Restrictions

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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