ESCO 20414-A Pneu-Tek Universal Impact Driven Demounter Small Truck Tire Kit

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ESCO 20414-A Pneu-Tek Universal Impact Driven Demounter Small Truck Tire Kit

The Pneu-Tek Small Truck Tire Kit Includes:

  • Model 20408 - Universal Demounter
  • Model 20430 - Specialty Truck Tire Mounting Bar
  • Model 20406 - Pair of HD Bead Holders
  • Model 20397 - HD Bead Wedge

ESCO 20408 Pneu-Tek Universal Impact Driven Demounter 


  • Safe, Simple, Fast, Economical, and the Most Universal Tire Demounter on the Market
  • Works as a Hand-Held Tire Machine and shines where other tools fall short
  • Tackles the Hard 19.5 Reverse Hubs and Grader Tires and can be used on ALL Tire sizes from 10” ATV Tires and Up
  • Great for Agricultural Tires, One-Piece Grader, Loader, Forestry and Back Hoe Tires
  • Come with 1 1/16” Socket


  • Weight - 21lbs. (9 kg)

ESCO 20430 Specialty Truck Tire Mounting Bar

  • Works on 24.5″ Tires and Smaller
  • The unique design of the mounting lip allows you to work around the hub for mounting reverse hub 17.5″ and 19.5″ rim combinations
  • Small design aids in not damaging the tire bead by eliminating “large bites” when mounting tire onto wheel


  • Weight - 5 lbs. (2.5 kg)

ESCO 20406 HD Bead Holders 


  • Commercial Truck Bead Holders act as an extra set of hands
  • Removes the need to “Walk” on the tire while mounting the tire back onto the rim
  • Polymer plastic tips protect rims from being scratched


  • Weight - 3 lbs. (1 kg)

ESCO 20397 HD Bead Wedge

  • Puts tire in drop center
  • Bead wedge guides the tire with stiffer side walls when you are demounting
  • Reduces bead damage and stretching


  • Weight - 2 lbs. (0.91 kg)

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