Corghi | PLUS Automatic Wheel Balancer with Touchscreen Monitor & Contactless Measuring System (EM9780C)

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Corghi | PLUS Fully-Automatic Wheel Balancer with Touchscreen Monitor & Contactless Measuring System (EM9780C)

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Touchscreen & Contactless, automatic, fast and works without ever touching the wheel

FULLY AUTOMATIC: No manual operations required the operator. Reduced spin and diagnostic times to make it one of the fastest on the market.

TOUCHSCREEN INTERFACE: The graphic interface and touchscreen technology simplify and speed up operations and work program selection.

DIMENSION MEASUREMENTS WITH CONTACTLESS SYSTEM: A “Combined” system, which includes an internal laser sensor and an external sonar sensor (Sonar AWD). The wheel balancer automatically measures the wheels without any intervention by the operator. All operations for the positioning of adhesive counterweights have been simplified.

AUTOMATIC POSITIONING AND LED ILLUMINATOR: At the end of the spin cycle, the wheel is braked and brought automatically into the balancing position (RPA). The integrated LED illuminator illuminates the work area to facilitate rim cleaning and application of the counterweights.

ADHESIVE COUNTERWEIGHT APPLICATION: The internal point laser indicates the correct position for applying the adhesive counterweights with absolute precision.

HIDDEN WEIGHT AUTOMATIC: New “Hidden Weight” program to divide the external side balancing adhesive weight into two equivalent weights hidden behind the spokes — a completely autonomous operation.

SONAR RUN-OUT MEASUREMENT (Optional): High-precision measurement of radial and lateral wheel run-out (1st harmonic and peak-to-peak) and calculation of the best coupling of parts, resolving the typical problems of road vibration.

INTELLIGENT POSITIONING LITE: A special vehicle tire set diagnostic tool for checking run-out and imbalance. Once all the wheels are memorized, EM9780C Plus suggests their best placement on the vehicle placement of the wheels themselves on the vehicle for maximum comfort and safety. Complete diagnosis if equipped with sonar run-out.

AUTOMATIC WHEEL CLAMPING: New automatic electromechanical wheel clamping system, which cuts operating times and increases centering precision.

AUTOMATIC CLAMPING SYSTEM WITH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Simply press the button on the sleeve to lock quicker and with less effort than before. No need to use your foot to operate the automatic wheel clamping system.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Special suite of programs including LESS WEIGHT, which cuts job times (20%) and reduces the quantity of counterweights used (30%), for more cost-effective, environmentally friendly operation.

OPT FLASH: Minimizes road noise by allowing the operator to alter the position of the tire on the rim in order to optimize quietness.

MULTIFUNCTION (ONE-TOUCH) BUTTON AND WEIGHT TRAY: Ergonomic and functional weight holder top with large trays for different types of counterweights and tools. The One-Touch multifunction button makes the selection of work programs simpler and easier.

USB PORTS: USB ports for connection to peripheral devices and simplified software upgrades.

SLANTED FRONT AND COMPACT WHEEL GUARD: Slanted front panel, ensuring operator’s easier access to rim inner section. Compact wheel guard (patented), designed for wheel balancer wall mounting and accommodating wheels up to a maximum diameter of 44″ (1,118 mm).

Technical Data:

Corghi Model Number EM9780C PLUS
Corghi Part Number 0-21109783/00
Power Supply Voltage 115-230 V, 1 PH, 50/60 Hz
Total Power Absorption 550 W
Balancing Speed 75-85-98 rpm
Maximum Imbalance Value 35.3 oz (999 g)
Resolution 0.0353 - 0.1764 oz (1-5 g)
Average Measurement Time 7s (14kg wheel)
Shaft Diameter 40 mm (1.57″)
Rim Width Setting Range 1.6″ - 23.6″
Rim Diameter Setting Range 2″ - 35″
Rim Diameter Measurement Range 10″ - 32″
Wheel Maximum Width (with Guard) 23.6″ (560 mm)
Wheel Maximum Diameter (with Guard) 44″ (1118 mm)
Wheel/Machine Support Flange Distance 10.82″ (275 mm)
WINUT Device Operation Frequency 2.4 GHz
Maximum Power of the Radio-Frequency Signal 100 mW
Wheel Weight 187 lbs (85 Kg)
Machine Weight 404 lbs (183 kg)
Maximum Dimensions 57.2″ x 35.2″ x 74.2″ (1453 x 894 x 1884 mm)
    Compliance and Restrictions

    ⚠️WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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