Gaither | Mobile Semi-Automatic Tire Changing & Wheel Balancing machine (e cube)

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Gaither | Mobile Semi-Automatic Tire Changing & Wheel Balancing machine (e cube)

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The ecube combines all the necessary tools and functions of traditional mobile tire service vehicles into one. It makes the mechanic’s job easier and more ergonomic, creates space in the vehicle to store more tires or equipment and does not require a generator onboard, which means no fumes or noise pollution. Even with its compact and lightweight design the ECUBE makes no compromises on functionality and robustness, it is still capable of changing tires from 10 inches to 24 inches. Each ecube comes equipped with the following features:

Accessories and options included with the Gen. 4 ecube

  • Digital auto stop inflation system, top or side mount
  • 48V Smart Lithium powerbank options with BMS and integrated control display
  • 1200W (or more) pure sine wave inverter
  • Helper arm(s)
  • Touchscreen, camera, and integrated PC
  • Belt driven and direct driven compressor options with various tank sizes
  • AC/DC, DC/DC charging and optional solar
  • Semi automatic tire changer 10” – 24” (max. wheel ø 38”)
  • 2D hand spin or motorized, foldable balancer designed specifically for mobile application
  • German made centering kits by Haweka for tire changer and balancer
  • German made tire lever with rim protection by Hazet
  • Foot control box
  • Light weight, modular 1/3 – 2/3 frame fits any vehicle or trailer

For years tire shops and vehicle outfitters have been attempting to find a way to make mobile tire service a viable option for adapting to the on-demand consumer revolution. This has proven difficult due to the size of traditional equipment. After installing a tire changer, balancer, air compressor, and more in a van or trailer, there is very little room left for inventory or other revenue-generating equipment. There are also other problems with this approach, including managing noise levels as well as the challenge of effectively powering the machines needed for proper servicing. Our ecube aims to solve these problems once and for all.

The ecube was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate mobile tire service solution. It comes equipped with a semi-automatic tire changer, wheel balancer, silenced air compressor and is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery bank. All of this fits in a compact form factor that measures 59in long 22in wide and 73.25in tall while only weighing 990lbs. Because of its size, the ecube is small enough to fit in a van or trailer while still allowing space for tire racks, jacks, safety equipment, and more. The ecube makes the challenges of mobile tire service a thing of the past.


 Dimensions (L x W x H) 58" x 22" x 73.25"



 Generator PTO System VS ecube Battery System
X Noise Pollution Operator Friendly
X Air Pollution Work Indoor - Enclosed Parking / Underground Parking
X Fossil Fuel Free Stop Burning Expensive Fuel!
X Compactness Highly Compact and Easy to (De)Install
X Lightweight 30% Lighter
X Yearly Maintenance Cells are Maintenance FREE for first 5yrs
X Modular / Expandable Increase Power when Business Grows / Transforms
X (Optional) EV Charging (w/Isolator) Extend Your Service - Service New Customers
X Long Life > 3000 Cycles
X Pure Sine Wave Inverter Allowing Sensitive Appliances to be Charged and Operated


Compliance and Restrictions
⚠️WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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