PCL MK4 Dial Tire Inflator with Dual Foot Chuck (21″ Hose)

PCL MK4 HD Dial Tire Inflator with 21" Hose with Dual Foot Chuck

The PCL MK4 tire inflator range has become industry standard in workshops, gas stations & tire depots for over 25 years. The digital age is now upon us and PCL are firmly committed to offering the same features and benefits that have stood the test of time with the advancements in digital technology.

Introducing the new ACCURA™ MK4 Tire Inflator. As robust as ever and highly accurate, offering leading inflation and deflation rates with high performance for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Key Product Benefits

  • New Viewing Window - Larger window gives 20% greater field of viewing
  • Lighter Weight - Gauge body weighs 2.03 lbs, less work strain and easier for repetitive use
  • Biomorphic Shape - Ergonomic, easier to use and less prone to damage when dropped
  • New Valve Mechanism - Simplified 2 stage mechanism design prevents user having to "push" against full line pressure on deflate preventing fatigue
  • New Piston & Seal Design - New Design, less drag, reduced friction and less movement inertia means no internal corrosion, no sticking and no skewing of accuracy
  • Accuracy standards - Tested to over 400,000 cycles at 100% accuracy, meets EC 86/217 and compliant with EN12645:2014
  • Press the trigger 1/2 way to deflate
  • Release the trigger to get a reading
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -