Hofmann Wheel Alignment Combo: Geoliner 770 Aligner, EELR789APKG 14K Scissor Lift, and Accessories

Hofmann Wheel Alignment Combo: Geoliner 770 Aligner, EELR789APKG 14K Scissor Lift, and Accessories

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This Hofmann Wheel Alignment Combo Package Includes:

  • Geoliner 770 Mobile Imaging Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System with the following accessories
    • Steering Wheel Holder
    • (2) Wheel Chocks
    • Brake Pedal Depressor
    • 24″ Flat Panel Monitor
    • Color Inkjet Printer
    • AC400 Wheel Clamps with XD Targets
    • VIN Code Reader
  • Hofmann EELR789APKG Standard Bay Surface Mount 14K Scissor Alignment Lift - Lights & Locks Model with the following accessories
    • (2) RJ217 Rolling Jacks (7,000 lb capacity each)
    • (2) EAK0336V49A Premium Front Radius Turnplates with Lights & Locks Feature
    • (1) EAK0277J28A Rollback Paddle Kit
    • LED Lights in Front Turnplate Base and Rear Slip Plates
    • Locking Control Activation Feature from Lift Console for Alignment Plates

Hofmann Geoliner 770 Mobile Imaging Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System - Product Details

Ideal for high-volume shops that specialize in alignments and wheel service, the Hofmann Geoliner 770 Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System delivers sophistication in a compact footprint, designed to fit where you need it and move pretty much anywhere else. The short boot-up gets your team to every job quickly, with faster measurements for more efficient, more accurate alignments every time.

Groundbreaking User Interface: The Geoliner 770 Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System features a next-generation interface that provides instant access to critical tasks in an intelligent flow, ensuring vehicle-specific assistance is never more than just one click away.

  • Optimized vehicle selection process:
    • Quick access to history right on the home screen
    • Clear and comprehensive make/year/model selection
    • Quick model search
    • Manual and scanner VIN select, with live lookup feature
  • Quick-Select Language Support for Procedures and Printouts provides rapid changes between commonly used languages
  • All-New Graphic Displays with all screens optimized for maximum visibility and clarity
  • Instant Access to Critical Tasks, with a predictive alignment flow that provides only the steps you need

Video Speed Cameras Constantly Monitor Alignments, Providing Critical Information at Every Step: The Geoliner 770’s advanced XD cameras and sophisticated monitoring algorithms find errors as they’re made, detecting problems with suspension stress and damage, rack, clamps, environment, and more — notifying users only when necessary to save time and ensure accuracy on every alignment.

  • Compensate: Error is completely compensated with no notification to the user
  • Warn: Error is completely compensated with user warned that a correction was applied
  • Alert: Critical error leading to a bad alignment is detected; user notified that corrective action is required

One-Click-Away Design for expert information at your fingertips, with advanced graphic displays optimized for visibility and clarity

Wireless Communication: Navigate, monitor and control the unit from anywhere in the shop

Folding Camera Beams: Improved stability during transport, with camera protection built right in

Folding Beams, Small Footprint, and Casters: Move the unit around the shop as required

AC400 Wheel Clamps: Attach to tires without touching the rim

Automatic Height Tracking: The Geoliner 770 wheel alignment system’s automatic height tracking provides optimum placement of its advanced XD targets and cameras for more speed and accuracy on every alignment. And because the camera beams automatically follow the car your team is working on as it’s raised and lowered, it saves them time on every job.

Lightweight, Low-Profile Fits Easily Through Standard Doorways: The Geoliner 770’s lightweight, three-camera system folds to a compact size with a low center of gravity, meaning it takes up less floor space in the shop and can be moved around easily whenever required. Integrated wireless connectivity provides a seamless connection between the aligner and the viewing device — so no matter how challenging the alignment, your team always comes out on top.

Additional Features:

  • Next Generation UI optimized for the high-volume user
  • Diagnostic alignment with “Compensate-Warn-Alert” intervention gets it right the first time
  • Unique camera beam design fits through a standard doorway and protects cameras
  • Highly accurate and reliable XD Camera Technology
  • Low-profile design lowers the center of gravity for improved stability when moving

Hofmann AC400 Touchless Wheel Clamping System: Fast and easy to use, the AC400 touchless wheel clamping system from Hofmann provides secure clamping without touching the rim. This patented technology allows service technicians to receive accurate and repeatable results coupled with ease of use and durability.

  • The clamp only engages the tire, eliminating contact with the rim
  • Single point adjustment knob adjusts to the full size range in just a few turns
  • No accessories needed to accommodate the full range of tire sizes
  • Patented self centering design allows measurement of cross diagonal and tire rolling radius to reveal collision damage and mismatched tire sizes
  • Lightweight and durable design; drop tested cast magnesium construction eases the weight that users have to carry
  • XD targets are lighter and take up less space than previous designs
  • Secure clamping delivers accurate and highly repeatable results
  • Clutch limited clamping force ensures consistent and secure attachment

Hofmann EELR789APKG Standard Bay Surface Mount 14K Scissor Alignment Lift - Lights & Locks Model - Product Details

    Hofmann Scissor Alignment Lifts are easy to operate, provide increased accessibility to alignment adjustment areas and are easy to load. Space saving design allows for up to five scissor lifts to fit into the same operating space as four 4-post lifts.

    Lights & Locks Models provide productivity enhancements while allowing the technician to perform critical tasks while minimizing alignment process operations, by illuminating both inspection and adjustment areas and by sequencing the locking of alignment plates.


    • Maintenance reduced rear slip plates use oversized, encapsulated bearings that roll upward to protect against environment debris
    • Four hydraulic cylinders in a cross aligned arrangement provide secure lifting power and added safety
    • Approach ramps are equipped with end sliders to minimize noise and reduce floor damage
    • Adjustable maximum lift height suits locations with low ceilings
    • On-board Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (FRL) provides clean and lubricated air to help reduce maintenance and protect pneumatic systems

    Safety Systems Include:

    • Mechanical locking with pneumatic safety lock release from the control console
    • Flow sensing valves within the hydraulic control circuit
    • Redundant hydraulic safety system with cross aligned hydraulic circuits

    Lights & Locks Models:

    • Illuminate alignment adjustment and calibration areas
    • Front LEDs are mounted in the front turnplate base to easily accommodate varying vehicle wheel tracks
    • Rear LEDs are strategically positioned on the rear slip plates
    • Ease locking control activation from the lift console to reduce walking and effort from resetting alignment pins in plates
    • Locking components made from corrosion-resistant material

    True Task Lighting System on Lights & Locks Models:

    • Patented auto on/off light feature ensures no power when operating in the hazard zone
    • Patented light mounting position optimizes viewing angle, illuminating key inspection and adjustment areas
    • Approved for use in Class 1 Division 1 environments for both surface and flush mount models

    ALI Certified:

    • All models have been tested and validated by an independent third party to the ANSI/ALI automotive lift standard, ALCTV-2011
              TECHNICAL DATA Geoliner 770 with AC400 Clamps
              Hofmann Part Number EEWA752BV3
              Tire Diameter
              19″ - 39″ (48.3 cm - 99.1 cm)
              Track Width
              48″ - 96″ (121.9 cm - 243.8 cm)
              Wheel Base
              79″ - 180″ (200.7 cm - 457.2 cm)
              Power Supply
              115 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph
              Power Requirements
              100/230 VAC (must have Earth ground), 50/60 Hz, 15 Amp Circuit
              TECHNICAL DATA AC400 Clamps
              Tire Diameter
              19″ - 39″ (48.3 cm - 99.1 cm)
              7 lbs (3.2 kg)
              Clamping Force 37 lbf (164.6 N)
              Cast Magnesium
              TECHNICAL DATA 14k Scissor Alignment Lift Package
              Hofmann Part Number EELR789APKG
              Maximum Capacity 14000 lbs (6350 kg)
              Overall Width 92.5″ (234.95 cm)
              Width Between Runways 38″ (96.52 cm)
              Overall Length 270″ (685.8 cm)
              4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 88″ - 155″ (223.52 cm - 393.70 cm)
              2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 180″ (457 cm)
              General Service Wheelbase 194″ (492.8 cm)
              Runway Surface Length 210″ (533.4 cm)
              Runway Surface Width 26″ (66 cm)
              Maximum Raised Height 72″ (182.9 cm)
              Minimum Lowered Height 10″ (25.4 cm)
              Lifting Time at Full Load 75 to 85 seconds
              Motor 3 hp
              Air Supply Requirements 90 - 120 psi
              Power Supply Requirements 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph, 20 Amp
              Shipping Weight without Jacks 6387 lbs (2897 kg)
              Console Dimensions (DxWxH) 16.5″ x 14.125″ x 45.75″
              TECHNICAL DATA Rolling Jack
              Hofmann Part Number RJ217
              Capacity 7000 lbs (3175 kg)
              Minimum Arm Reach 31″ (787 mm)
              Maximum Arm Reach 53″ (1346 mm)
              Minimum Lowered Height 1″ (25 mm) above deck surface
              Maximum Raised Height 12.75″ (324 mm) above deck surface
              Air Supply Requirements 90 - 120 psi (6 - 8 bar)
              Maximum Operating Pressure 5210 psi (359 bar)
              Shipping Weight 329 lbs (149 kg)
              TECHNICAL DATA Premium Front Radius Turnplates
              Hofmann Part Number EAK0336V49A
              Dimensions (LxWxH) 18.5″ x 19.7″ x 2″

              Compliance and Restrictions
              WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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