Hofmann Wheel Alignment Combo: Geoliner 630 Aligner, EELR728APKG 12K 4-Post Lift, and Accessories

Hofmann Wheel Alignment Combo: Geoliner 630 Aligner, EELR728APKG 12K 4-Post Lift, and Accessories

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This Hofmann Wheel Alignment Combo Package Includes:

  • Geoliner 630 Imaging Wheel Alignment System with the following accessories
    • AC200 Wheel Clamps & Targets
    • Brake Pedal Depressor
    • Steering Wheel Holder
    • (2) Wheel Chocks
    • Color Inkjet Printer
  • Hofmann EELR728APKG 12K 4-Post Alignment Lift with the following accessories
    • (2) EELS900A Rolling Jacks (6,000 lb capacity each)
    • (2) EAK0289J06A Premium Front Radius Turnplates
    • (1) EAK0277J28A Rollback Paddle Kit

Hofmann Geoliner 630 Imaging Wheel Alignment System - Product Details

Utilizing advanced imaging technology, the Hofmann Geoliner 630 Imaging Wheel Aligner provides accurate, real-time measurements — reducing setup and measurement times while generating serious productivity benefits. Matched with our latest software, the Geoliner 630 Imaging Wheel Aligner will have your technicians getting readings in a matter of minutes.

Compact All-In-One Installation: With an exclusive tilting beam that allows for alignment at multiple rack heights or on stands.

Next-Generation User Interface with Intelligent, Predictive Alignment Flow:

  • Quick access to vehicle history from the home screen
  • Manual vehicle selection by VIN and with optional VIN scanner
  • All-new graphic display optimized for maximum clarity and visibility

Video Speed Cameras Constantly Monitor The Alignment and Provide Critical Information to Get the Job Done Right: Detection of common environmental conditions and vehicle problems that result in maladjustment.

Patented VODI (Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator): Guides the technician through the measuring process, reducing the amount of time spent walking back and forth from the vehicle to the aligner.

Passive Front and Rear Targets: Provides improved durability with no electronics to damage.

Online Connectivity Automatically Downloads Specifications and Software Updates Allowing Remote Diagnostics for Service:

  • Requires customer provided internet connection
  • One year of specifications provided
  • Single updates and 1-year to 5-year subscriptions are available for purchase
  • Enhanced online vehicle repair information is available for one year for no charge with subscription

Hofmann AC200 Universal Wheel Clamps:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Self-centering design for accurate measurement of the vehicle dimensions
  • Two-sided claws eliminate accessories and allow reliable clamping even over hub caps

    Hofmann EELR728APKG 12K 4-Post Alignment Lift - Product Details

      Versatile 12k 4-post alignment lifts give you 12,000 lbs of heavy-duty lifting capacity in a compact and stable lift design without the need for multiple lifts. Whether it is a micro-car or a heavy-duty pickup, the 12k four post alignment lift has four-wheel alignment capabilities that cover a full range of vehicle requirements.


      • A conveniently packaged alignment lift with 20.5” wide “Pro-Style” runways, 2 rolling jacking systems, premium turn plates and roll back kit that provides for a complete professional grade alignment system.
      • Save time when loading vehicles of narrow to wide track widths on an ultra-low-profile, shake free and stable closed front design.
      • This unit maintains a steady and shake free surface for advanced alignment equipment measurements.
      • 81.6” long rear slip plates means no need for repositioning of the front turnplates to accommodate for longer or shorter vehicles
      • Hydraulic cylinder mounted underneath runway.
      • Industry proven, brake formed front columns and traverse beam design spreads critical load forces over longer/larger supporting areas to ensure alignment accuracy.
      • Locking ladders mount through the traverse beams to ensure safety lock engagement.
      • Filter / Regulator / Lubricator (FRL) provides a clean and lubricated air supply to the lift and jack systems; improving reliability and reducing the need for maintenance.
      • Slack cable support system to keep cables from hanging when the lift is on the locks.
      • Textured approach ramps for positive vehicle traction.
      • Independently Tested and Validated, ALI Certified to the current Automotive lift standard
                      TECHNICAL DATA Geoliner 630 with AC200 Clamps
                      Hofmann Part Number EEWA721G
                      Wheel Size 13″ - 24″ (33.0 cm - 61.0 cm)
                      Tire Diameter Up to 37″ (94 cm)
                      Track Width 48″ - 96″ (121.9 cm - 243.8 cm)
                      Wheel Base 79″ - 180″ (200.7 cm - 457.2 cm)
                      Power Supply 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph
                      Power Requirements 120/230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph
                      Shipping Weight 501 lbs (227 kg)
                      TECHNICAL DATA AC200 Clamps
                      Weight 11.5 lbs (5.2 kg)
                      Construction Cast Magnesium
                      TECHNICAL DATA 12k 4-Post Alignment Lift Package
                      Hofmann Part Number EELR728APKG
                      Maximum Capacity 12000 lbs (5450 kg)
                      Minimum 4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 88.5″ (224.8 cm)
                      Maximum 4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 158.5″ (402.6 cm)
                      Maximum 2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 168.8″ (428.8 cm)
                      General Service Wheelbase 183″ (464.8 cm)
                      Overall Length 251.5″ (638.6 cm)
                      Overall Width 134.8″ (342.3 cm)
                      Runway Width 20.6″ (52.4 cm)
                      Width Between Runways 40″ / 43″ (101.6 cm / 109.2 cm)
                      Runway Length 204.6″ (519.6 cm)
                      Raised Height 78″ (198.1 cm)
                      Lowered Height 7.2″ (18.25 cm)
                      Lifting Time 74 seconds
                      Front Accessibility Closed
                      Column Height 90.5″ (229.8 cm)
                      Power Supply Requirements 230 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 Ph, 12.5 Amp
                      Air Supply Requirements 90 - 120 psi (6 - 8 bar)
                      Shipping Weight 3307 lbs (1500 kg)
                      TECHNICAL DATA Rolling Jack
                      Hofmann Part Number EELS900A
                      Capacity 6000 lbs (2722 kg)
                      Minimum Arm Reach 33″ (83.8 cm)
                      Maximum Arm Reach 50.2″ (127.5 cm)
                      Raised Height 13.125″ (33.25 cm)
                      Lowered Height with Lift Pad 3.125″ (78.5 mm)
                      Air Supply Requirements 90 - 120 psi (6 - 8 bar)
                      Shipping Weight 308 lbs (140 kg)
                      TECHNICAL DATA Premium Front Radius Turnplates
                      Hofmann Part Number EAK0289J06A
                      Dimensions (LxWxH) 18.5″ x 19.7″ x 2″

                      Compliance and Restrictions
                      WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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