Counteract CBB-IP-LG Valve Stem Injection Pump for Counteract Balancing Beads

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Counteract CBB-IP-LG Valve Stem Injection Pump for Counteract Balancing Beads

The Injection Pump Method is suited for any size application. It requires the Counteract Injection Pump, part# CBB-IP-LG, and an airline. This is the quickest method and doesn’t require the tire to be dismounted.


  • Contains one high quality Counteract Balancing Beads Injection Pump
  • For use with Counteract Balancing Beads ONLY, not for use with products from other manufacturers
  • Allows for quick, easy installation of Counteract Balancing Beads to a tire via the valve stem
  • Compressor required

For proper use of Counteract's Injection Pump, please follow the included instructions, or watch the Counteract instructional video. Counteract is not liable for improper use of the Injection Pump, and Safety Glasses must be worn at all times.

Inspect Tool Before Use – Tool Under Pressure.


  1. Make sure the valve handle is in the closed position. The handle must be perpendicular to the valve (90-degree angle).
  2. Unscrew lid and remove clear plastic reservoir. Inspect for cracking, chips, and damages. Inspect thread for cross-threading or damages. Ensure the O-ring is placed in groove on main portion of tool and is not damaged.
  3. Fill clear reservoir with desired amount of Counteract Balancing Beads.
  4. Re-attach reservoir to main portion of tool in up-right position. Ensure flat edge of the clear plastic reservoir is clean of dirt and debris. Hand tighten reservoir to main portion of tool.
  5. Ensure valve handle is in closed position. Attach airline to the tool.
  6. Position valve-stem at 12 o’clock (top of tire). Remove valve-core from the tire’s valve-stem. Allow tire to deflate to approximately half of its PSI. Do not deflate fully.
  7. Attach the clip-on air chuck to valve stem. Keep reservoir pointing down in the 6 o’clock position. Open valve to allow airflow. As beads are injected into the tire, slowly turn reservoir to horizontal position. Continue to turn reservoir, until the reservoir is in the 3 o’clock position. Funneling beads into the air path.
  8. The injection should only take 20-40 seconds. Ensure feed-line is clear. Remove clip-on chuck. Close air-valve on injection tool.
  9. Air the tire up. Install valve-core. Top-up air pressure to desired PSI.

Troubleshooting Guide: Outlet hose clogging during injection process

  • Valve core was not removed, verify valve core was removed and not damaged or partially removed
  • Beads are being fed into injector too quickly. To fix, leave injector’s valve open, disconnect airline to injector. Leave clip-on chuck connected to valve-stem. Use the tire’s air as back pressure to unclog injector’s feed line
  • Ensure air-compressor is charged. The air-compressor must have higher PSI than the half-deflated tire
    Compliance and Restrictions
    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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