B&J 932002-U-390 Steel Shot Grit 4″ Carbide Contour Wheel 390 SSG (16 Grit)

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B&J 932002-U-390 Steel Shot Grit 4″ Carbide Contour Wheel 390 SSG (16 Grit)

Nickel-free Carbides: Previously, the use of Nickel for the grit of Steel Shot Grit Carbides was unavoidable. However, nickel is harmful to health and pollutes the environment. Therefore, B&J has developed a new production method that entirely abandons nickel without reducing the performance of the tools in any way.

Steel Shot Grit (SSG): B&J offers a wide selection of most common tools in Steel Shot Grit. These tools are very popular for sensitive buffings, e.g. for the inside/innerliner buffing of tires. It’s smooth and uniform grit surface provides an even and clean texture.


  • Flared Contour Wheels properly match the shape of the tire
  • Provides wide, level contact with surface
  • Efficient use of the entire tool
  • Easier to use with less operator fatigue
  • Reduced buffing time
  • Comparable to Rubberhog RH-129P

For Retread Use:

  • Designed for shoulder and sidewall preparation
  • Used on manual or automatic sidewall buffers
  • Fast and effective removal of oxidized rubber
  • Provides a uniform texture maximizing rubber-to-rubber bond
  • Used with or without traditional wire brushes
  • Excellent durability, reducing your cost per buff


  • Diameter: 4″
  • Height: 1.50″
  • Arbor Hole: 3/4″
  • Steel Shot Grit: 390 SSG (similar to 16 Grit)
    Compliance and Restrictions
    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -